Azul Floral Primavera Bomber Jacket

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Email us any sizing questions and modifications you may want beforehand. You can also change the collar color to your preference. 

Azul Asian Spring Bomber Jacket - $180. Custom made to order. This textile was hand sourced in Portugal and is 60% organic cotton 40% recycled polyester. A large size jacket weights 1.5lbs / 24oz. 

We have 7 sizes available, XXS, SX, S, M, L, XL, XXL. Please view measurements below when placing order. The price is $240, plus shipping/tax. 

See sizing Below
X Small
Arm Length - 65cm
Back Height - 62.3cm
Back Width - 48cm

Arm Length - 65cm
Back Height - 64.5cm 
Back Width - 48.5cm

Arm Length - 66.5m
Back Height - 66cm 
Back Width - 50cm

Arm Length - 67.5cm
Back Height - 67cm 
Back Width - 51.5cm

X Large
Arm Length - 67.5cm
Back Height - 68cm 
Back Width - 53cm

XX Large
Arm Length - 70.1cm
Back Height - 70.8cm 
Back Width - 55.5cm

"Arm Length" measurements are from should to wrist with elbow bent at 90 degrees.
"Back Height" is from lower back of neck to waist. 
"Back Width" is from shoulder to shoulder


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