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In late 2019 we spent a full week sourcing textiles in Istanbul. A city full of street cats, traffic, food and shisha. Istanbul is home to over 20 million people and is the only city that is both European and Asian. Turkey is known for producing some of the worlds finest textiles. We purchased over 50 patterns of high quality cotton fabrics from about 20 different textile shops. Some of the materials were intended for wedding dresses, others for curtains and couches. We have already released 5 panel hats, 6 panel caps and waist bags / fanny packs on the online...

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Turkish Psychedelic Mix - Click link to listen to our Spotify playlist.  This mix contains mostly music recorded in the 60 & 70s from Turkey. Mostly Turkish Psychedelic along with classic turkish rock and some classical influence. In Early 2020 we flew to Istanbul to source designs for our Spring release. Since then, we've made 5 panel hats, 6 panel caps and fanny packs made from Turkish textiles. Check out the shop page to find them.  Check out other Lower Park music mixes on our blog page. 

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